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Le Ciel Est Bleu - 28x22
Buried Titanium - 22x28
Le Pelerin - 28x22
Michaud - Le Vert D'Hiver - 22x28
Le Rectangule Cuivre - 28x22
Grey Float - 28x22
Blue Tango - 28x22
See-Through Umber - 22x28
L'Eau Si Belle - 28x22
Au Clair de la Lune - 28x22
Rossignol - 14x20
Le Coeur a Rire - 19x14

Offset Prints

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In the 1970's and into the early 1980's, I was a co-founding member of Artists, Research, Technology, Inc., "...a group of seven artists involved in creating original, limited edition fine art lithographs by adopting the offset technology used in the commercial printing industry. Rather than merely adapting the image-duplication capacities widely understood with offset, the artists placed innovative demands throughout various stages of the process, such that the results opened doors for the expanded use of technology in the making of fine art limited editions. The artists, most with affiliations to the University of Massachusetts, along with Norman Newell of the Hamilton I. Newell Printing Company in Amherst, incorporated in 1977 as the non-profit A-R-T. Inc. The extensive body of work that was collectively produced by the group was exhibited locally, nationally, and internationally. As a result, the work drew critical attention and was acquired for important collections. Historically, this spate of activity and the work it produced can be viewed as an important phenomenon since it both paralleled and expanded the resurgence of interest in American printmaking in general, and its technological application in particular."  -- 


Displayed on these pages are the prints that I completed during those years.


                                                                                                  Ron Michaud

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